Inverter FoxESS T6.0 G3

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Falownik FoxESS T6.0 G3 - wydajny i wszechstronny falownik do instalacji fotowoltaicznych PV

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The FoxESS T6.0 G3 inverter is a 6 kW unit and part of the FoxESS T (G3) inverter series. It is ideal for use in three-phase residential installations and small commercial setups. The device is equipped with a DC switch and AFCI protection, ensuring safe operation.

The FoxESS T (G3) inverter series offers unmatched efficiency and versatility, allowing for maximum utilization of photovoltaic (PV) installations' potential and longer energy generation periods. Various versions of the inverters are available, ranging from 3 kW to 25 kW, enabling a perfect match for specific PV installations.

Furthermore, this series has been fully optimized for integration with FoxESS energy storage systems. Additionally, the FoxESS T series inverters allow remote monitoring of the installation through a dedicated mobile application or online portal. This enables users to easily control the performance of their PV installation and monitor energy consumption.

By choosing the FoxESS T6.0 G3 inverter, you gain not only a reliable and safe solution for your PV installation but also the ability to optimize its operation and monitor its performance in a simple and convenient manner.

20 Items

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