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Deye GB-L battery

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Deye GB-L battery - A Modern Solution for Effective Energy Management


The Deye GB-L battery is an innovative device that brings a new level of energy management. This advanced battery serves as a key component of your energy system, helping you control energy consumption and increase independence from traditional electricity providers.


  • The Deye GB-L battery allows for intelligent monitoring and management of energy consumption in your home or business. It provides full control over when and how you use energy.
  • The Deye GB-L battery comes with an energy storage feature. This enables you to accumulate energy during periods of low consumption and utilize it when needed, resulting in cost savings.
  • This battery offers energy independence from traditional electricity providers. Even during power outages, you'll still have access to stored energy.
  • The Deye GB-L battery is an ideal solution for users of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. You can store excess energy produced by your panels and use it during the night or on cloudy days.
  • Installing and operating the Deye GB-L battery is straightforward and intuitive. It seamlessly integrates into your existing energy system.
  • Deye, as a reputable brand, ensures the reliability and safety of its products. The Deye GB-L battery meets the highest quality standards.

By choosing the Deye GB-L battery, you're investing in a modern solution that helps you efficiently manage energy. Increase the energy independence of your home or business while reducing electricity costs. Harness the full potential of renewable energy sources through electric energy storage. The Deye GB-L battery is the key to effective and sustainable energy management.


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540 x 385 x 220 mm
39 kg
4,09 kWh
Number of cycles