Deye Hybrid SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU

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Deye SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU Hybrid Inverter - A New Era of Energy Efficiency

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Our offer presents the advanced Deye SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU hybrid inverter, a revolutionary solution in the field of energy efficiency. This innovative hybrid inverter combines the advantages of solar energy conversion and storage, opening the door to new possibilities in energy independence.

Quality of construction and advanced technology are the pillars on which the Deye SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU hybrid inverter is based. Equipped with an advanced control system, this inverter delivers constant and stable energy, enabling smooth operation for both homes and small businesses.

One of the main advantages of this inverter is its ability to handle 100% unbalanced output on each phase and the capability to deliver up to 50% of the rated power. This means the inverter is exceptionally flexible and adapts to changing energy conditions.

The innovativeness of the inverter is also evident in the AC Couple and DC Couple functionality, allowing for the upgrade of an existing solar system. The Deye SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU enables connection to an existing solar-battery installation, maximizing the use of solar energy.

The performance of the Deye hybrid inverter doesn't stop here. One inverter can handle up to 10 parallel operating units on and off the grid, concurrently managing multiple batteries. With a maximum charging/discharging current of 240A, it enables efficient energy management in the system.

The inverter is compatible with low-voltage 48V batteries, and its transformer-isolating design enhances safety and reliability.

Versatility is a key aspect of the inverter's operation. The Deye SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU offers 6 battery charging/discharging time slots, allowing flexible adjustment to changing energy needs.

It's worth noting that the inverter supports energy storage from a diesel generator, increasing system flexibility in case of energy supply instability.

By choosing the Deye SUN-8K-SG04LP3-EU hybrid inverter, you opt for a technologically advanced solution that contributes to increased energy independence and savings. With its ability to handle 100% unbalanced output, AC Couple and DC Couple functionality, and support for various energy sources, this inverter serves as a comprehensive tool for optimizing energy consumption in your home or business. Take advantage of our offer and trust in modern products that benefit the environment and your budget.

10 Items

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